Fundamental Aspiration

Guiding Principal

To carve out the budding ‘Future Leaders’ of the nation in various fields, emerging from the government schools of Haryana.

No deserving student should be left of the opportunity to achieve his/her potential.


Science is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the social world.

India has engendered more scientists than any other country, still performing low in the aspect of science and innovation. The plausible reason identified is the spiraling culture of cramming or ‘rattebaji’, which further declines the scope of science and innovation. 

The inversion of the current situation can be accomplished, if the seed of innovation is sowed from an early schooling age. We envision the future of the nation with a bright shine in the field of science and innovation, which could be accomplished if the foundation of students is built from a very early age.


Vikalpa Foundation, via their 2 flagship programs, are focusing towards providing students with quality education by fostering a culture of healthy competition and intensive supervision. Our mission is to provide quality education to every student with the ability to achieve great things in life and thus build a lucrative future.

We aim towards supporting, educating and empowering the youth of Haryana, coming from the background of Government school.


To gradually fabricate a new era of ‘Socio-technologically Transformation’.

Bolster the ideology of ‘Social Inclusion’ in the fields of education.

Create a sense of ‘Empowerment’ in students.

Create a cohesive environment of learning for students, possessing the capacity to excel in their lives.

Endorse a culture of innovation and science, eliminating the soaring concept of ‘Rattebaji’ or cramming.