Journey so far.....

Ideation & Seed of Inception

The founding management of Vikalpa Foundation Trust believes in the significance of education pertaining to an individual’s life as well as contributing towards development of the nation. They observed the current education system and gained first-hand knowledge alongside realising the hard truth about it.  While the current educational system has many positive aspects, it has also grown to have many shortcomings  that have led to problems including poor confidence, rote learning habits, and follower traits and hence diminishing the innovation culture. Further, the present system also led to widening of the academic gap among pupils specifically due to the commercialization of education and hence, increasing the cost of quality education.

With the tenacious determination to address these issues, in 2013 founding management started a project to teach students free of cost. Through the network of Founding members, professional passed out from IITs and IIMs volunteered to conduct classes and teach students coming from an underprivileged background. The main goal was to prepare students who have the aptitude to pursue careers in science field but are lacking in resources and guidance, to enter prestigious science and medical institutions. 

As the time progressed, looking at their efforts’ positive effects on society, some of the founding members and volunteers decided to devote full time in teaching. To provide a proper structure to its activities, Vikalpa Foundation Trust was incorporated in April 2017.

Initiation of the Organization:

The organisation was officially incorporated in the year 2017, but before the incorporation of the foundation, the seed of its idea was planted in 2013. The journey from 2013 till today has been distinguished into three phases.




The Three phases

The First phase (2013-2017)

In 2013, after grasping the overall system of education, the founding family began providing free coaching to 30 students in order to improve the status of education to a broader outlook.  Considering the efforts made by the founders, the district administration authority decided to provide them a space for creating a proper learning environment for students. Thence, ‘Bal Bhavan’ was provided to the management for successful conduction of classes.

Alongside, various seminars were conducted to create awareness about science, innovation and technology field. These seminars were conducted with the aim of enhancing the scientific temperament in students and thus initiate their career path into the field of science and technology.

In this period, a series of successful results came out. Around 50 students got selected in prestigious institutions like IIT, DTU, NITs and Government Medical Colleges.

The Second Phase (2018-Ongoing)

The efforts made by the founding family at the district level, were recognized by the Government of Haryana. This recognition resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Government of Haryana and Vikalpa Foundation. Hereafter, Haryana Super 100 program was initiated in 2018 with a batch of 100 students. These students got selected from Government schools across Haryana, after going through a rigorous 2-tier entrance test process.  This program was itself an upgradation from district level to a state level initiative. 

From the year of inception in 2018, this initiative has come up with great result in each consecutive year. Till date, a total of 133 students have been selected in eminent institutes pertaining to the field of science and technology. 

*Even during the COVID-19 times…..*

During the time, when everything was shut down, Haryana Super 100 students still attended their regular classes via the intervention of technology and achieved appreciated result.

The Third Phase (2022-Ongoing)

Albeit, Haryana Super 100 programme prepares students to crack admission in eminent medical and technical institutes. However, it is crucial to realise that substantial educational foundation helps students build a better career for them. Considering this, Vikalpa Foundation Trust proposed another significant project named ‘Mission Buniyaad’ to Haryana Government. Mission Buniyaad program is aimed at building the educational foundation of students by providing them quality education during the foundation years of life.

This program caters to the need of Class 9th and 10th students, who are selected on basis of rigorous entrance test process.

This initiative fosters a culture of competition among students and provides them a platform to learn and explore more. The initiative is being currently running in 22 districts of Haryana, where a total of 103 centres are established. These centres are called ‘Satellite Classrooms’ where students gather together and attend regular classes. Teachers conduct these classes via studios situated in Rewari and Gurugram. 

Mission Buniyaad program focuses on generating the scientific quotient in students in order to enhance their future.