Meet Our Team

Vikalpa Director

Anil Kumar Maheshwari

Born in a lower middle-class family of Jaipur, Maheshwari always dreamed big to achieve something great in his life, thus did immense hard work and perseverance to complete his graduation an post-graduation from out country’s most prestigious university, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Since childhood, he was considered as a prodigy in Mathematics, which he wished to share with other students as well. Thus, he joined hands with Mishra and together, along with other founding members, laid the foundation stone for Vikalpa Foundation Trust.

Naveen Mishra

Coming from a lower-class family in Bihar, Mishra always wanted to contribute his part to the welfare of society. Despite coming from a lower-income background, he completed his graduation from Indian Institute of Technology and further started working in an MNC as software engineer to support his family. While working in the MNC and simlutaneously, preparing for UPSC examination, he was fortunate to meet with Anna Hazare. This meeting ultimately motivated him to make action against the scourge of cooruption in education field. He thus started teaching a few students with the aim of helping them with a good future. He always believed that quality education should reach out to every individual, in order to enhance either creativity and scientific quotient. His efforts turned fruitful and thus, Vikalpa Foundation Trust was commenced.

Rajan Gundal

Gundal has always been driven to work for society and provide education where it is needed. Given that he himself came from a middle-class Panipat family, he believed that lack of finances should not prevent students from receiving quality education. He completed his Graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology and post-graduation from Indian Institute of Management. Being one of the founder members, he devoted his time and efforts to teaching students physics. Apart from teaching, he also contributes his intellect towards building the management of organisation.