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In the year 2018, Naveen Mishra founder of Vikalpa foundation, Rewari proposed the idea of Super100 scheme to the directorate of secondary Education, Haryana. The then Director of Secondary Education Rajiv Rattan of DSE appreciated the thought as this scheme could benefit and uplift the underprivileged yet deserving government school students and immediately gave it a green signal. Then, on 10th June 2018, the entrance examination for the same was conducted in which 5000 students who all scored above 80% in the 10th boards took part. The second round of this test was conducted in July in which 500 out of those 5000 students were filtered for the final round. After which five batches were formed consisting 100 students each who were then prepared for the final test under the guidance of Vikalpa foundation for 5 consecutive days. At last, 200 students cleared the final test and formed the very first batch of Super100, Haryana which took flight in August, 2018. They were allotted to two different centres of Panchkula and Rewari where not just the Tuition fee but their food and lodging were also taken care by the government at the DIET centre. Classes in Rewari were conducted from 9 am to 6 pm under the guidance of well trained and experienced teachers of Vikalpa foundation. Like any other educational scheme Super100 too faced some hindrance at the beginning as these students came from a hindi medium background while the IIT/NEET exams are based in English. Naveen Mishra who believes in focusing on the possibilities of success rather then looking at the potential of failure took incharge of this situation and prepared these students to overcome this deficiency. Today, after 1.5 years of hard-work these students are ready to compete with other English speaking private coaching centre students as 30 out of 49 students have scored brilliant marks in the IIT mains examination and they will soon qualify for the finals. SUPER100, Haryana has proved to be a boon for the underprivileged students who could not afford the expensive coaching fees of the private institutions and used to give up on their dreams. But today DSE and Vikalpa foundation together have set an example for such deserving students and are boosting them to dream big. This scheme has also benefited the ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ yojna as the top two scorers of the IIT mains are girls namely Simran who scored 99.47% and Kajal who scored 99.31%, both girls belong to poverty-stricken families where one of the girls father is a paralysis patient and has high hopes for her future. A lot of parents are now willing to send their daughters to be a part of Super100 scheme.  Also, there are other students who performed really well in the IIT mains namely Yuvraj (98.86%) and Praveen (98.12%) both belong to the poor farmer families of Sirsa and are willing to study computer science from IIT, while Swati (98.39%) from Bhiwani, whose father is a labourer wishes to become a scientist and work in ISRO in future.